About 29% of mothers are staying at home with their children. When being able to work outside the home became no longer an option these are the major reasons working from home is awesome!

5 Awesome Reasons to Work From Home

1.No Need For Childcare

When I was working away from home child care was the only option I had. Unfortunately, when my children were sick I wasn’t able to work because there was no backup. I am one of those few who do not have extra help.

At the end of 2017, I paid 20,000 dollars in childcare expenses.

Whether my child was there or not.



A lot.

There were a lot of benefits from my children going to daycare but what I was earning wasn’t going into my pocket. I worked to pay daycare and it wasn’t very beneficial for me to continue working.

2. Being There For The Kids

No longer working on the road or being gone for hours on end allows me to be there when I need to be.

My kids were woken up at 5 or 5:30 a.m. brought to daycare for 6:30 a.m.

Picked up before 6 p.m.

By the time we got home, ate and showered it was bedtime for them.

I also was missing out on a lot of things because I had to work. After a while once your kids begin getting older they tend to mention it often

“Hey mom, remember when you weren’t there at my *insert event* ?”

Well, trust me they will never let you have the chance to forget.

3.My Own Hours

Between raising babies and everything that goes along with that. Being able to work when I can is a blessing really. There is so much I do in a day with four kids. Sometimes I can only squeeze in a little bit here and there. I make it work though.

4.Support Network

Being a stay at home mom can be really isolating. When I made my way into the blogging scene it was really easy to make connections. I made a bunch of friends through Beachbody as well.

5.No Commute

I live in Maine, eight months out of the year it’s cold. Are whether is all over the place and during the winter the wind chill absolutely blows( literally). Besides having to leave the house for the school run I can basically barricade inside my house.