Why more women are lifting weights

Curious about what the benefits lifting has to offer to your body. Maybe you have read again and again about how lifting can enhance your natural body curves.

Could it be you have seen women sharing how you wont bulk up and look manly like so many have been under the false belief that you will.

The wonderful world of weight lifting is a glorious adventue to embark on whether you’re home or at the gym.

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The benefits are much better than just strict cardio based workouts.

The Benefits of Lifting Weights for Women

why more women are lifting weights

Slows the Weakening of Bones

Lifting weights increases are bone density versus not lifting weights. As women age, our bones weaken drastically faster than men. Most have heard the term osteoporosis which is a disease where the density of bone is reduced making fracturing much more likely as we age.

By lifting weights you are engaging your muscles and tendons that surround your bones. In return, this strengthens your bones.

Burn More Calories

It takes far more calories to build muscle. Muscle cells within the body require more energy than fat cells. By adding muscle mass to your body it also revs up your metabolism, in turn, your body becomes far more efficient in burning fat.

You’ll be Smaller

When women age we lose muscle. Muscle when lost becomes replaced with fat. Even when the scale says we weigh a lot less our clothing size is often larger than if our body had more muscle mass. A pound is a pound but muscle is denser, in return takes up less space than fat cells.


Your body takes on the very much desired hourglass shape. If you are losing fat and muscle your body loses the curves built from muscle. Keeping a regular lifting routine will help keep those curves.

Better Heart Health

Those who lift weights are far less likely to suffer from Heart Disease risk factors. Heart Disease affects 1 out of 16 women in the United States, according to the CDC.

Lift Heavy Ladies!

Muscle looks beautiful on us.

Not only will you have sexy curves but you will also be stronger and healthier.

Do you regularly engage in weight training? Weight training for me has always been my go to when I’ve been recovering from an injury and cardio is a no go.