What if I told you that you can get insane results just by working out from home? What if working out from home allowed you to finally ditch that expensive gym membership?

Instead of what if’s I’m going to tell you exactly why working out from home is unbeatable.

1.Wear Whatever You Want

Yes, girl! You can wear whatever you want. Very rarely do I put any sort of effort into what I wear when working out from home.

Why plague yourself with the task of digging through your drawers and closet to find something that matches.

Have you ever worn your pajamas while working out?

Let me tell you it’s life-changing!

The fear of what I wear while working out is no longer there. I don’t have to worry if people are judging how I look or if that extra slice of pizza is showing. I’m comfortable and it allows me to focus harder.

2.Increased Confidence

This is coming off of from my previous reason.

Nobody is eyeballing you.

You don’t have to compare yourself to others. Just because the girl next to you has a butt you can bounce a quarter off of doesn’t mean it should make you feel uncomfortable.

I have found with working out from home I will train harder because I no longer fear people judging me. The only people who see you are YOU! As well as some animals, spouse or kiddos but I would take that over the gym-goers any day!

3. Saves Money

I actually have a yearly subscription to Beachbody on Demand. Before subscribing to their fitness library I had their DVDs which were incredible.

My friend goes to a weight lifting gym in a couple of towns over a 3-month membership costs what I would pay for 3 years of just subscribing to Beachbody on Demand.

For 99$ I can have access to top trainers and programs that allow me results I never achieved in the gym.

I am what you call a broke stay at home mom who doesn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a gym membership to get mediocre results.

4. Scream, yell or Make Ugly Faces

Those funny faces you make or maybe the fact you might let an F-bomb drop during a hold.

I have been there.

The number of workouts I have done at home where I have screamed yelled or sworn far exceeds my memory.

So, be confident knowing you can cuss your trainer out. Rethink your life choices leading up to that moment all while wearing your pajama bottoms.


Need to let the dog out to pee? Have a child begging you for a snack like they didn’t just have one 4.5 seconds ago? or it might simply be that you feel as if you’re going to drop dead any moment.

Being able to start and stop at home is a blessing with no judgment or bystanders wanting you to move on so they can take what you’re using.

6. Germs

You no longer have to worry about who or what has touched the equipment.

All gyms have different cleaning procedures but you just really never know.

7. Make it Work for You

Whether you need to slow it down or pause frequently you have the choice to do so.

Need to shift programs because of injuries?

No worries.

You can do whatever you want when you want. At-home workouts can be customizable to fit your needs and schedule. No way with four babies could I EVER make it to a gym again, nor do I want to ever go back to a gym. My at-home workouts are the best thing I have ever committed to!

Need a pal to help stay motivated?

There are groups and individuals out there who are willing to link up with you! SO much support comes from online fitness journies.