This run was quite interesting for sure. Lots of events unfolded during my nightly run.

If you are in need of a chuckle this is the story for you!


Fitbit was dead before my run and refused to charge. Great Luckily, I know roughly how many downs and ups I need to equal the miles.

So no biggy, right?

Decided to take Olive. Mistake number two!

If I had my watch I bet it would have read 1 minute since started and this dog pulls me out of the run to a dead stop for doggy business.

Start again and the FREAKING Spectrum guy is down there doing whatever, Olive is barking with fur standing up. I managed to keep her going but it was a rough 1st down/up.

Guess we’ll just have to deal with the spectrum guy for about 5 down and back possibly more and possibly less. Olive decides, to pull me yet again, to a dead stop for more doggy business .

What next,right?

The neighbors with the super nice house’s shepherd start barking


Don’t even start back for my second.Instead, I’m running Olive back home. Giving a quick play by play before heading all the way back up.


Second time down and up this time near the said neighbor’s house Ellie (yes, the same dog as Monday also.You can read more about it over on my instagram) comes barreling up their yard.

I then stopped and help lure her dog’s back over to the owner(Who is really nice)

Ellie’s hobbies include people gazing, barking with a side of chasing you down. The neighbor gathered her dogs up by saying” let’s go for a ride”.I’m thinking she must be serious because they are always coming and going.




I start going for my 3rd and that’s when I begin thinking ‘what if she just said that till I left view?’

Oh yes…My ass turned around as soon as I saw fur and went straight home.

We’re done…Nope…No more for tonight.

I didn’t even bother taking my post running supplement because of how messed up my run was.


My running shenanigans story from Tuesday night is a wrap for now. Want to hear more about my running adventures? Subscribe today or follow me on social media!