Stumped about what you can possibly do to work towards being healthy? Well, I may have a few suggestions that are super easy and you can implement them as soon as today! Even this hour.

Are you ready to be a healthy version of yourself?

Bottoms Up!


No, I don’t mean tequila shots either.

I’m 100% all for that water consumption.

Did you know you should at least drink half your weight in water daily!?

To find out how many ounces simply divide your body weight by 2.

Water has many extra benefits besides just weight loss you know. Find out more here. Be motivated to drink more daily and feel the effects.

Eat Like A Rabbit

Probably one of the weirdest ways to word it but seriously though, what do they love?


Yes, but what are those types of food?


Glorious superfoods that help power and fuel your body efficiently.

Think for a moment how many servings you get in a day of either category. Is it none? or maybe it might just be 1 or 2.

CDC reports that only 1-10 adults get enough fruit or vegetables a DAY.

Depending on where you start it’s completely fine if you don’t hit the recommended amounts. Try to add an extra serving of vegetables to your dinner plate. Opt-in for the B.A.S (big ass salad) Smoothies are an excellent way to combine fruit or vegetables especially if you’re pressed for time.

Simple little changes will lead to an even bigger impact on your health.

Get Ready, Get Set … MOVE

Getting up and moving is another easy way to make yourself that much healthier. I follow Beachbody programs and schedules. They have all sorts of levels from beginners to advanced. That is my absolute go-to and so worth the money.

To start off though just walking 10 minutes makes a world of a difference for you physically and mentally. Work your way up to longer walks or begin to incorporate other forms of exercise.

Change Your Mindset

The only person getting in the way of a healthier lifestyle is you. Your body will only go as far as your mind lets you. Remove that negativity and self-doubt and replace it with positive thinking.

You aren’t gonna want to eat healthy, workout or drink enough water every day but long term it’s the best thing you can do for yourself.

It might seem easy but when you look back at all the times you made excuses think about how it made you feel long term. Did you feel good about yourself or did you feel like you could have kept going?

Don’t talk yourself out of being the absolute best YOU can be!

Make Attainable Goals

Don’t go running out of the gate with an over the top goal.

Slow down a second home slice!

Make small weekly goals and write them down. If it helps I created this awesome free template to help you out!


  • Walk 30 minutes a day
  • Drink at least 64oz of water(an increase from there)
  • Cut out that soda and high sugar drinks

Those are just a few easy and quick goals you can make for yourself.

Reward yourself but not with food. Don’t make your reward be a gallon of ice cream. That’s counterproductive.

You are only going forward. Time doesn’t stop still while you make your plans to be healthier. Healthy should be attainable. It’s not a quick easy fix. Don’t fall into the traps of empty promises. Find what works for you and be happy! Don’t forget to let me know how you’re doing on your journey.