Diet culture

From being that disordered eating little girl all through her life and being in her mid-twenties thinking “Damn, I have come so far” to only realize you still are influenced by the diet culture.

Yes, ladies, I am still very much have been a diet culture serf and if you’re reading this then you to might be too.

I am happy I looked at my progress in an optimistic and healthy view, but the reality was I still very much was trapped an blinded by today’s views of how a woman’s body should look.

The only thing that counting calories effectively achieves…is making you feel miserable and anxious.


I began browsing the tag “fuckdietculture where I started to realize although I have made the progress I was still very much stuck with a ball and chain to what I have always known.

There was always some doubt that I was truly better. No, under no circumstances did I believe you can be “recovered” from an eating disorder.

Can you be physically healthy and practice healthier habits?


But, by no means did I think I would ever be considered 100% recovered.

Once the digging began into the #fuckdietculture began I realized I am still a diet serf.

I love working out.

Counting calories?

Fuck no. I do not like it. I despise using calorie trackers and watching every calorie consumed. I spent more time watching calories which meant I ate more processed foods because I had to know the calorie content. That didn’t make me healthier.

It makes me even more of a prisoner.

The Truth

What has brought us here today is not what will get us out.

I spent hours, days, weeks, and years constantly stuck in an overwhelming feeling that my body was not good enough. Going anywhere stressed me out because I was too fixated on being surrounded by foods I wanted to eat but couldn’t because I would feel guilty and ashamed.

I have personally starved, struggled and binged.

Did you know it’s estimated 20 million women and 10 million men in the United States suffer an eating disorder at some point?

Having been anywhere from 109lbs to 298lbs (mainly from pregnancy) I have spent my time being controlled by diet culture.

Why can we not normalize body image faster?

Why are we pressuring young girls and women to obtain an almost unrealistic idea of beauty?

We are unique in all different ways and we shouldn’t have to change how we look.

My goal is to encourage women and young girls to love themselves.

No more suffering.

No more hating of our bodies.

Together we must rise.