About Me

Hello! I’m Nichole

With a passion for fitness, while also raising babies.

Who spent countless hours at the gym, then BOOM.

Mother Hood!

Fast forward a few more years, two babies later where hitting up the gym was nearly impossible.

BEACHBODY to the rescue!

Now a stay at home mom with four babies.

I exercise for myself. To be strong confident and healthy. 

Mothers or just anybody in general who want to feel amazing about themselves is my cup of tea. Encouraging women is something I really love doing. If you want to make a change for yourself and feel better overall then join me!

Don’t look back. You’re not going that way.


Delightful.Interesting.Honest Facts about me!

  • Coffee,Coffee and more coffee(Particularly cold brew)
  • Soccer coach for my local area youth sports
  • I wear way too much black. Black leggings and tank tops.ALL.THE.TIME. (majority) Hate jeans.
  • I have a slight problem with my mouth and what comes out of it.
  • Domestic violence survivor