My Masters Hammer and Chisel Review

I have officially completed all 60 days of The Masters Hammer and Chisel. A co-collaboration between Body Beast creator Sagi Kalev and 21 Day Fix creator Autumn Calabrese. It’s only taken me since it’s release (2015) and two pregnancies before I have been able to do said workout. What is Masters Hammer and Chisel? Like I previously stated it’s a […]

Flexible + Vegetarian = Flexitarian Diet

When I first heard of the Flexitarian Diet it completely sparked my curiosity. Flex-i-what now? Flexitarian Diet and it’s not the usual diet to get bikini ready or slip into those 2 sizes too small jeans ( although, it can accomplish that too) Sorry, but this diet serves a bigger purpose while encouraging increased consumption of plants and decreased consumption […]

This Month Affirmations

Affirmation– (noun) A statement that something is true. The use of affirmations happened when I needed them the most. At first, I didn’t really realize I was creating them on my own until I kept telling myself the same things every day to ease the discomfort of everyday struggles. My Affirmations I am capable I survived what I didn’t think […]

Healthy Changes You Can Make Today

Stumped about what you can possibly do to work towards being healthy? Well, I may have a few suggestions that are super easy and you can implement them as soon as today! Even this hour. Are you ready to be a healthy version of yourself? Bottoms Up! No, I don’t mean tequila shots either. I’m 100% all for that water […]

Must-Know Gym Lingo

Gym terms can be extremely confusing and when you’re a newbie getting into fitness it can be rather confusing but say no more. Here is a list of super common terms to help you feel less new and more confident! Maybe you are doing an at-home program and the trainers are using terms you are not in the least bit […]

Unbeatable Reasons to Exercise at Home

What if I told you that you can get insane results just by working out from home? What if working out from home allowed you to finally ditch that expensive gym membership? Instead of what if’s I’m going to tell you exactly why working out from home is unbeatable. 1.Wear Whatever You Want Yes, girl! You can wear whatever you […]